Meet Rita

Hello, nice to meet you. I am Rita Alterio, the founder of Soaring Spirit Wellness.

I appreciate you stopping by. Did it take you awhile to get here? Oh, you’re wondering about me? It has taken me a lifetime.

I spent most of my life behind a desk, working online with websites or marketing. So how does a technical person end up in wellness and spiritual work?

I was always meant to be here. I just spent a lot of time avoiding the truth of who I was.

Searching was a big part of my journey. Perhaps you know what I mean? I went to a lot of different places and workshops and events, not really knowing what I was looking for yet knowing I had not found it yet.

Then one day that all changed.

I had a spiritual experience in a workshop. It was so powerful, I could not ignore it. Ever since that moment, I have been walking towards a new life of including wellness and spiritual work.

Where does the name Soaring Spirit Wellness come from?

The name has a special meaning to me.

I was in a Heart Resonance energy healing workshop, and the instructor was leading us through a meditation.

Imagine a room that is full of peace and light. A room that feels so very good to walk into and to sit among others of like mind.

I was there in that room, in a state of deep meditation, and suddenly an eagle appeared in my mind’s eye. It soared above the earth, giving me a broad perspective of my human life down below.

That meditation stayed with me for days. That eagle was a soaring spirit that symbolized wellness in a very deep, spiritual way.

My training

The soaring eagle was my inspiration as I began my training, which started with Heart Resonance.
In order to practice and teach Heart Resonance or HR, I studied with Trevor Gollagher for several months, followed by daily practice which continues to this day. Trevor has immersed himself in spiritual work for over 30 years (as well as being a professional musician) and he is the founder of Heart Resonance.
I have written since I was a child and have always felt that writing is a way to connect to spirit. When I discovered that there was a long tradition of intuitive writing, I was thrilled. It was a pleasure to experience and learn the process of Intuitive Writing from Corry Chaplin, who has taught writing workshops for the past 15 years.
I completed my Hypnosis training at the Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Science. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

So — I extend a warm welcome to Soaring Spirit Wellness.

Please contact me with your questions about Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Writing or Heart Resonance energy as well as any questions about upcoming events.