Healing Heart Resonance Energy

Experience the vibration of love.

Heart Resonance is a form of energy work. As we make our way through our everyday lives, we are surrounded by different energies.

Although we may not call it energy.

For example, imagine walking into an arena where a NHL hockey playoff game is about to begin. Thousands of people have packed the stands and this excited crowd creates an energy which most people feel when they enter the arena. The air is vibrating with excitement.

Or, we have all met people who we have felt good about immediately so we seek out their company. We have also met those who did not feel good to be around and so we felt the need to step away.

Heart Resonance energy focuses on maintaining a heart-centered, loving energy.

It is spiritual as it is based on a belief in angelic beings, but at the same time a useful practical tool for everyday living as it promotes peace and well being.The phrase “detach and allow” as you focus solely on love is very powerful.

Heart Resonance Offerings:

Fee per Heart Resonance session (approximately 1 hour): $100 + 5% GST

Heart Resonance Classes:

Level 1: 9am – 4pm » $288.00
Level 2: $188.00: 9am – 4pm » $188.00

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