Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Connect to your spiritual guides using a technique that allows you to enter an altered state of consciousness. Please know that I am here to serve your highest good and am open to any and all belief systems.

» Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy allows you to forget your daily routines and annoyances, entering a state of deep relaxation and expanded consciousness.

“Oh, what a wonderful relaxing state. I didn’t feel any pain at all in my body when I was in hypnosis.” ~ a client with arthritis

Think of hypnotherapy as a state of the deepest meditation. Even if you do not meditate or have never meditated, as a professionally trained and practicing certified hypnotherapist, I can assure you that if you chose to you — and only if you chose to — you can enter the state of hypnosis.

» About Hypnotherapy

You should also know that in hypnosis:

  • you will always be aware of what you are saying or doing;
  • you will remember everything that happened and everything you said;
  • I (or any other hypnotherapist) cannot make you say or do anything you do not want to say or do;
  • I am a guide only — you are the person in control during the session.


Hypnosis is a natural gift that allows you to rest your mind.

» For more information or to Book a 2 hour Spiritual Hypnosis session

Fee: $100 + 5% GST per session

Contact Me:  By phone at 778-819-6582 or email using my Contact Form on this website.

I look forward to talking with you about spiritual hypnotherapy.